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Inventory Specialist - Central Service

Department:  Support Services
Status:  Full Time
Shift:  2nd

Processes requisitions, pulling, and delivering of stock items to ordering departments. Receiving and delivering special orders item(s) to the appropriate departments. Supports the Supply Chain Management mission. Participates in the continuous quality improvement process. Maintains a working knowledge of departmental standard operating procedures. Performs other duties as assigned.


Projects an image of professionalism in communication, appearance, and conduct. Receives and processes supply and special order requests, replenishes specialty carts and kits, and occasionally cleans and reprocesses various medical equipment. Records important documentation in an appropriate logbook. Maintains a working knowledge of departmental standard operating procedures. This knowledge may include the use of specialized instrumentation, quality control requirements, and preventive maintenance. Performs other duties as assigned.


Essential Functions:


  • Ensures that all assigned units have been inventoried and requisitions are keyed and pulled accurately in a timely manner. This will include a copy of the computer-generated requisition with each order.
  • Delivers all priority item(s) promptly, FedEx standard next day, and UPS Red & Blue no later than two hours after being received.
  • Ensure that assigned orders are pulled and delivered in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that the deliveries of the non-priority item(s) are being taken to the ordering department when delivering stats to make efficient use of time.
  • Notifies user/ordering department of back orders or substitutions by attaching the appropriate notification form to their order(s).
  • When putting storeroom item(s) away with expiration dates, the newer item(s) are being placed to the rear or bottom and the older is being pulled to the front or top (this includes checking for the expired item(s).
  • Performs job functions in accordance with departmental policy and procedures.
  • Maintains current knowledge of departmental updates and Policy & Procedures.
  • During light workload situations, seeks out additional tasks/duties.
  • Accommodates changes in workload within the department.
  • Demonstrates flexibility in accepting changes in the schedule and work assignments.
  • Reports to the Supervisor in a timely manner all “near misses”, potential, and actual errors.
  • Accurately performs computer functions.
  • Answers the telephone with a smile and a pleasant voice. Identifies the self and department.

Shipping and Receiving:

  • Ensure that all item product numbers match and the quantity noted on packing slip(s) and that all special instructions are followed.
  • Ensuring that Purchasing notified immediately of any discrepancies.
  • Placing a copy of system print out with item(s) for the ordering department to provide information on what was shipped and what is on backorder.
  •  Keeping your co-workers informed of the status of received goods that require special handling attention.
  • When receiving telephone inquiries on special ordered item(s) you are ensuring that all the information that is being given to the ordering department is correct and all problems are cared for in a timely manner.
  •  Maintains refrigerator log for special order item(s), daily check of thermostat reading, and notifies supervisor of any problems with reading.
  • Ensures all electrical equipment is being recharged on a daily basis and the supervisor notified of mechanical problems, checks the water level of batteries (forklift and electric pallet jack) weekly.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Logs calls and supply requests on Central Services log sheet. Checks off items on a log sheet, including time item, left the department, and when delivered. Accurately maintains all log sheets, books, and reports with efficiency.
  • Collects correct supply items and equipment, labels collected items with patient room #s and tapes labels to supplies/equipment. Completes paperwork accurately when filling supply orders. Files appropriately.
  • Logs rental equipment on the log sheet with BEC number and expiration date. Corrals and returns rental equipment to vendors when appropriate.
  • Appropriately fills out special order request forms and log sheets for specialty beds and orthopedic supplies/equipment. Correctly calculates the cost for service and enters patient charge in the computer when appropriate. Forwards paperwork to the supervisor.
  • Properly fills out credit slips for items returned from departments. Utilizes the appropriate department numbers. Signs and dates documents.
  • Collects, sorts, prioritizes, enters, and completes, all floor and outpatient charges in the computer accurately and efficiently. Completes daily charge records reports. (CCR)
  • Marks equipment and supplies appropriately and delivers to the correct nursing units/departments.
  • Collects soiled equipment, carts, and instruments from nursing units/departments. (Routine and unscheduled). Distributes clean supplies and equipment to requesting units.
  • Prepares and completes special trays, carts, and kits, etc.
  • Checks ALL DME (durable medical equipment) for parts and functionality. Attaches the yellow “OUT OF SERVICE” sticker when necessary.
  • Assembles wall and portable suction correctly.
  • Efficiently and accurately completes bi-monthly quality assurance checks for crash carts.
  • Properly and thoroughly cleans DME equipment using an appropriate EPA approved cleaning agent. Wears proper protective decontamination attire. (i.e. Safety gloves, gowns, face shield mask). Logs equipment on the log sheet.
  • Checks ALL crash cart defibrillators, in DME storage, for functionality and logs results in a proper book.
  • Reads shift report daily documents pertinent information.
  • When assigned a beeper, responds in a timely manner (within 3 minutes).


Education, Training, and Experience:



  • High school diploma or equivalent work experience.
  • 6 months to 1-year previous storeroom experience, preferably in a hospital.



  • Clerk I: N/A
  • Clerk II: Three (3) years of Central Services experience.
  • Clerk Lead: Two (2) years in a lead or supervisor position.


Skills or Other Qualifications:



  • Ability to communicate effectively, utilizing both verbal and writing skills. Must be able to operate machinery; i.e., pallet jacks.
  • Demonstrates effective communication, interpersonal skills, organizational ability, knowledge of proper body mechanics, safety measures and infection control, ability to follow instructions, knowledge of section specific test information, and instrumentation may be required.
  • Must be able to speak read and write the English language.
  • Must be available to work weekends as required.



  • Knowledge of shipping/receiving, medical supplies, and order.


License and Certifications:

  • Must have a verifiable valid California Driver’s License and be accepted by the hospital insurance carrier


Position Reports to Storeroom Supervisor


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