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Food Server II - Irvine Dietary - Kitchen

Department:  Support Services
Status:  Per Diem
Shift:  2nd

The Food Server I and II displays and practices a work-style that reflects the mission, vision and values of the department and hospital and projects an image of professionalism in communication, appearance and conduct. Participates in the continuous quality improvement (CQI) process by completing Quality Control forms and preventive maintenance logs. Maintains a working knowledge of departmental standard operating procedures. Position may require travel between various Hoag locations and its affiliates.


Food Server I (FSI)

The work assignment will be in the dish room or to a lesser degree retail, production or catering performing such tasks as general clean-up, dishwashing, trayline, transporting food to service areas, and trash removal. Able to follow instructions to maintain high standards of service and quality. Prevents waste by following established standards for chemical use and notifying supervisor of observed abuse.


Food Server II (FSII)

In addition to the above, the FSII may be in any area of the department including retail, production, or catering performing such tasks as portioning and serving food, transporting food to service areas, catering, busing dishes, storing and issuing of supplies, and cashiering. Prepares foods according to recipe specifications. Prevents food waste, properly cares for and sanitizes equipment and work area, handles food in accordance with sanitary standards. Cash handling is done with accuracy and attention to detail. Contributes to positive customer relations especially to regard to customer service by assuring high quality service and that sanitation standards are met.


Essential Functions

  • Adheres to departmental and hospital practices and policies. Maintains informed communication by utilizing all forms of technology Hoag offers including email, the Hoag intranet, posted communication, etc.
  • Uses only equipment in which competency has been achieved.
  • Adheres to daily, weekly, monthly schedule for cleaning food service equipment.
  • Maintains safe, sanitary conditions in storage areas according to established policy and procedure. Consistently adheres to Health Department, Title 22, and JCAHO standards, e.g. labeling/dating all foods, stores raw meat/poultry on bottom shelf and never over cooked product, or food/product stored on floor.
  • Is consistently attentive to customers and gives prompt, courteous service. Keeps supervisor informed when problems may interfere with work being completed or customer issues. Responds appropriately to inquiries and complaints from customers.
  • Accommodates changes in workload within the department. During light workload situations, seeks out additional tasks/duties for the staff to complete. Demonstrates flexibility in accepting schedule and work assignments.
  • Applies Lock Out/Tag Out system to equipment. Reports to the lead/supervisor/manager in a timely manner “near misses”, potential dangerous situation, and actual errors.
  • Only uses equipment in which full competency has been achieved.
  • Communicates needs/concerns, etc. to the Lead, supervisor and/or manager.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Food Server I (FSI)

In addition to the above, the FSI will:

  • Dishroom: Sets-up dishroom workstation timely and accurately. Sorts service ware properly to ensure proper cleaning and prevent breakage. Performs dishwashing operations following proper procedures avoiding crosscontamination including sanitation (i.e. clean-to-dirty, dirty-to-clean, and hand washing), temperature control, and loading conveyor. Unloads dishes and pots efficiently by putting clean dry wares in the proper kitchen location. Stores racks, lowerator and other equipment in the proper location.
  • Trayline: Able to read patient menus and place appropriate items on the trays in the designated location while maintaining the correct speed. Practices sanitary food handling techniques, including but not limited to: use of gloves or clean tongs for handling raw foods; good personal hygiene and hand washing; properly covering, labeling, dating and storing carryovers; wearing a hairnet at all times in the food service area. Accurately setsup, cleans, and restocks trayline workstation.
  • Cleaning/Janitorial: Removes trash and cardboard boxes from kitchen areas to prevent an unsanitary environment. Completes appropriate cleaning logs for each station as assigned. Cleans and sanitizes service ware, cook ware, and carts according to accepted department practices. Sets-up or picks up catering events, ensuring excellent customer service at all times.


Food Server II (FSII)

In addition to the above, the FSII will:

  • Production: Practices sanitary food handling techniques, including but not limited to: use of gloves or tongs for handling raw foods; use of clean, sanitized utensils; good personal hygiene and hand washing; sanitizing knives and cutting boards between products; properly covering, labeling, dating and storing, proper tasting procedures, leftovers; wearing hair net/hat at all times in the food service area. Monitors and records temperatures of refrigerator/freezer, reporting unacceptable readings to lead or management staff.
  • Catering: Sets up catering tables, event room, or site location per standard procedures or special instructions and serves customers at the appointed start time; has all equipment and supply items needed for service throughout the entire event. Decorates and garnishes food items as appropriate and with appropriate signage. Replenishes foods, beverages, and supplies during the event. Ensures that guest’s needs are fully met throughout the event. Clears dirty dishes, utensils, etc. throughout the event.
  • Retail: Accurately sets-up stations ensuring they are ready to serve customers at the appointed opening time, stocked with all foods required for the assigned station, equipment on and operational, clean and decorated/garnished, as appropriate. All appropriate signage/merchandising materials clean and presented in the correct manor. When working as cashier, rings up all food and items purchased. Checks carry out containers for actual enclosed food. Correctly rings up all doctor, department and ExpressPay transactions.
  • Deliveries: Checks incoming merchandise against order sheets for such items as weight count, quality, and specification. Maintains delivery records as prescribed in the department procedures. Date stamps and signs all invoices or ensures all invoices are correctly date stamped and signed by the receiver. Ensures items are received and stored at the proper temperatures. Stores product according to priority, i.e., produce and other refrigerated/frozen product stored immediately upon receipt and before dry stores. Continuously while working with refrigerators and freezer monitors temperatures. If temperatures are outside acceptable range initiates work orders. Documents action on back of temperature log. Maintains system to handle dented cans and damaged product. Ensures that storage areas are maintained in an organized manner. Stores all products in the correct location and in clean containers. Transfers produce/other items in partially full containers to smaller containers. Breaks down own boxes and removes to dumpster.
  • Food Safety: Ensures that all products are rotated at the time stored on the shelf and on a first-in, first-out basis. Rotates produce when new product stored on shelf. Ensures no fresh, frozen, dry food products, outdates or otherwise, are discarded or returned, without supervisor’s or chef’s permission. Maintains safe, sanitary conditions in all storage areas according to established policy and procedures. Adheres to Local, State, Federal and Medical Deeming Bodies standards and regulations at all times, i.e., stores raw meat/poultry on bottom shelf and never over cooked product. Ensures that products are properly covered, labeled, and dated. Ensures no food/product is stored on floor. Ensures storeroom/walk-in floors are swept daily.
  • Inventory/Ordering: Enters items received into computer system according to procedure and in timely fashion. All invoices (including those handled directly by the storekeeper and those handled by others when in the system) are entered into the computer within 24 hours of receipt of goods.
  • Reviews menus and inventory and plans food issues up to three days in advance. Assembles and issues food supplies daily to cooks, kitchen areas, and cafeteria to support next day’s menu in timely manner. Frozen items are moved to the walk-in in ample time to ensure defrosting in the refrigerator and not in a water bath.
  • Maintains the overall security of the storage area by ensuring all areas are properly locked and protected. Exercise visual control of those who have access to the storeroom.
  • Knows location of Disaster Food Stores. Is able to direct to disaster food inventories, water and methods of transport to main hospital.


Education, Training and Experience


  • Ability to speak, read and follow verbal directions in English.



  • Previous customer and / or food service experience.


Skills or Other Qualifications


  • Must be able to work well with others and perform a variety of tasks under supervision.



  • Ability to perform simple calculations by hand or with use of a calculator.
  • Knowledge of food production and service.
  • Ability to delegate duties and maintain efficient standards of operation.
  • Demonstrates effective communication, interpersonal skills, organizational ability, knowledge of proper body mechanics, safety measures and infection control, ability to follow instructions.


License and Certifications


  • N/A



  • Servsafe® certification

Nearest Major Market: Irvine California
Nearest Secondary Market: Los Angeles

Job Segment: Nutrition, Medical, Chemical Research, Food Safety, Supply, Healthcare, Engineering, Quality, Operations

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